Soul Lilt

Soul Lilt

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A collection of Irish reels, jigs, hornpipes, and airs recorded on an array of instruments including, the uilleann pipes, fiddle, tin whistle, octave mandolin, mandolin, bodhran, and guitar. A FAVORITE of Irish Dancers everywhere!


  1. Leather Britches Medley
  2. Spanish Point
  3. Old Hag You Have Killed Me/Garrett Barry's Jig
  4. O'Carolan's Draught
  5. Unknown Hornpipe/Rolling In The Rye Grass
  6. Irish Polkas
  7. Mo Ghile Mear/lt's Not Yet Day
  8. Morrisson's Jig Medley
  9. Se Beg Se Mor
  10. The Fishers' Hornpipe Collection
  11. Humors of Glendart & ...
  12. The Floating Crowbar & The Merry Blacksmith
  13. Fraher's Jig