Songs Of The Erie Canal

Songs Of The Erie Canal

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Construction on what was to be the Erie Canal began July 4, 1817 by American farmers. Soon, it was evident that the job could not be finished with farmers or field hands, who needed to tend their crops and livestock. Within a year, Irish immigrants arrived to take on the backbreaking task for 80 cents a day and a "found," which included room and board plus a daily ration of whiskey. Before long, the Irish became the majority element in the project.This CD commemorates the 175-year anniversary of the Erie Canal and the songs that have become a time addition to the American music landscape.

Dady Brothers' unique style and instrumental versatility captures the essence of the traditional Irish tunes that were adapted by the canallers. On "Paddy's Song," Marty O'Keefe accompanies himself in a concertina. Born in County Clare in 1912, Marty has been named to the international Comhaltas (Irish Music) Hall of Fame.


  1. The Er-i-e
  2. Boating on a Bullhead
  3. Meeting of the Waters
  4. Rowdy's Breakdown
  5. The Erie Canal Song (Low Bridge, Everybody Down)
  6. Tonawanda, Too
  7. Buffalo Gals
  8. Oh, That Low Bridge
  9. I'm Afloat on the Erie Canal
  10. Canal Digger's Lament
  11. Two Irish Reels (Sally Gardens, Miss McCleod's)
  12. Paddy's Song
  13. Singing Just for Friends