Singing From The Heart

Singing From The Heart

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A collection of songs and melodies with a spiritual and hopeful message. Recorded with some dear friends and gifted artists, including our hero Tommy Makem and his son Rory, this is our best seller. It includes Joe's wonderful tribute to Pete Seeger, "The Man with the Banjo," and a fan favorite penned by John, "All Work Out."


  1. Dixie Lullabye
  2. Light My Way
  3. Come Back To Ireland
  4. A Little Road and A Stone to Roll/Lonely Boy
  5. Friends
  6. The Man With The Banjo
  7. How's It Going/Tamlin Reel
  8. It Will All Work Out
  9. Mary Ellen Carter
  10. Two Hearts
  11. Roll Back The Clouds
  12. The Green and The Red Of Mayo
  13. Singing From The Heart