Irish Folk Fest

Irish Folk Fest

Our first exposure to Irish Folk music couldn't have come at a bettter time. In the mid-1970s a Folk music revival was in full swing in Ireland thanks to the 1960s Folk music craze in America. The Dubliners, the Chieftains and Makem and Clancy were at the top of their game. We were listening and learning especially from songwriters like Tommy Makem, Ewan MacColl, Pete St. John and Phil Coulter.


We dedicate this collection of ballads to Tommy Makem, the godfather of Irish Folk music. We're his biggest fans and are proud to call him our friend.


Thank you, Tommy, for all the great songs, steller performances and the integrity you have brought to Irish Folk music.


John & Joe Dady


  1. Winds of Morning
  2. School Days End
  3. Summer Roads
  4. The Winds Are Singing Freedom
  5. We've Come A Long Way
  6. Ringsend Rose
  7. The Town I Loved So Well
  8. Dirty Old Town
  9. Dublin In The Rare Auld Times
  10. Farewell To Calingford
  11. Whiskey In The Jar
  12. The Leaving Of Liverpool
  13. Biddy Mulligan
  14. Nancy Spain
  15. My Own Dear Galway Bay
  16. Potin